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Tactile Amnesia: Quote

March 2019

PQH’s inaugural project Tactile Amnesia took form in an energetic multi-media group show that explored the contemporary visual language of six early and mid-career artists based in London.


With works by Héloïse Delègue, Theresa Gößmann, Alexander James, Miriam Naeh, Lucia Pizzani, and Phillip Reeves, the exhibition proposed a study of how the works assume visual and physical space through their sculptural and corporeal properties. While diverse in medium, all works possess a striking commonality in their tactile quality of forms and materials. 

Tactile Amnesia showed how the artists revive traditional uses of materials such as textile, wood, oil, and terracotta, but simultaneously transgress conventional methods to formulate a novel and unique material language. There exists no clear division between content and form, suggesting that for these artists the self has become inextricable from the context in which it appears. 

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